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(Archived) EN 3 addict needs more storage

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I am now thoroughly addicted to using EN 3. Despite the loss of some features, I have found the migration to EN 3 to be easy and productive. Now I just ran out of storage space and am suffering intense withdrawal pains. Please have mercy. I must have more space online as soon as possible. I shall now go shiver in a cold dark place.

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There is a limit (obviously) but what exactly is that? in KB, notes, etc.

I haven't come across anything remotely close to the limit, I hope, but it would be good to know (jic) so I can archive older notes as I too have crossed over to the EN3 only world. Sure, I miss a few of the features of EN2, but I really like using EN3.

PS: Hmm ... first post, I really must get more involved 8) J.

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We have a temporary account limit of 100MB of content for the closed beta. This "beta testing limit" was artificially set to make sure that we didn't hit any unexpected problems during this stage of testing. You can see how much you've used by logging in to your account on the web and going to the "Settings" page.

In the next few weeks, this limit will be replaced with the "real" system, which will offer more generous long-term limits for Free users, and vastly higher limits for Premium users who pay a few dollars a month. We hope to finalize these details (quota, pricing) very soon, and will let you know as soon as that's decided.


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There won't be any limits on the local notebook storage, other than general local file system limits.

How will that affect synchronization? Scenario:

User clips from the web enough information that exceeds the current 100Meg quota. What happens during the next sync?

I'm curious, because at the rate I've been capturing information, I'll run out of storage within five months...

I began using Evernote 4/9/2008. As of today (5/2/2008) I've used 22% of my limit...


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Based on your description of your usage, the planned final system would support you just fine, even at the Free account level. The Premium account level will give you vastly more storage plus options like SSL, etc.

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I can't give too many more details right now, but the general goal is to allow for growth over time, even for free accounts. We want to be the the place for you to store your memories for years, even decades.

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Dave - There appears to be two parts that we - the portion of the user community that are notorious pack rats that wish to store as many of our memories as possible - would like to know... somehow.... and I believe that if we had just a feeling for each of these (without any carved-in-stone promises that we as preview users should never assume would be taken as an unbreakable promise):

When: By any chance can you give a "rough" "ballpark" "WAG" as to when we could possibly see the increase in quota? Q2? Q3? Q4? 2009?

How much: By any chance can you give - in general terms - what kinds of storage sizes we could expect and what you would like to "blue sky" as what you are trying to shoot for? Mb? Gb? Tb? and perhaps, what you would foresee as free/premium possibilities? (Again, we realize that perhaps the business model for this isn't exactly ready for the growth that we may be pushing)

Again, nothing that Evernote should be held to... when you are addicted to the concept of the product and the potential it has... and you hit that 100Mb quota quickly... you want to get a feel for directions before you go out and register multiple accounts and spread your notes across them just to get around the quota limit just because you start feeling itchy... and you NEED the the information... and you want it sync'd and accessible.

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Well! I have completed the transfer from Onenote to Evernote!

All my notes are now safely absconded to your program.

I saw this thread originally, and did not think the 100 note limit, or the 100mb ceiling should be a problem, but when you really start using EN, it is.

Actually, that turned out to be a good thing for me, because it forced me to sort thru all my notes. Now I have two synchronizing notebooks, and three local notebooks. Just what I really need online is on the clouds, and everything else is in the matching local notebooks. That is fine for now. Once EN gets the restrictions lifted, I will copy everything from local to the clouds. I will then have the two notebooks in the clouds, and one local. (for things I can't afford to have online)

The point here is I am amazed how quickly EN became indispensable.

Just a quick pat-on-the-back for you EverNote programers.

Keep up the GREAT work!


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