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Option to change layout/look of Evernote desktop?



I freaking hate this rounded and spaced out look EN has now. I want EN to have it's fancy new features (if they will work correctly) but still have the old look on the desktop. Clean, utilitarian, no wasted space. I don't need giant fonts and empty space! I freaking hate looking at evernote now whether it's on my desktop or online. The Android app is ok I guess. But it's not one of my favorites either. 

I don't even have any complaints about broken features in recent updates because honestly I haven't been using it much. I scan in documents to save them, they are automatically added to a notebook. I've had to look for a few things over the last few months but otherwise I have stayed out of it. I'm a long time subscriber, for many years. I have preached the word about the miracle of Evernote. I'm not preaching any longer. I am looking for alternatives. That's how bad I hate this interface. Can they please create an option to keep the 'classic look'?

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On 3/11/2022 at 8:56 PM, VLKirkpatrick said:

Can they please create an option to keep the 'classic look'?

I can move this thread to a Feature Request (votable) thread if you'd like - no one here is likely to know whether or not Evernote has any plans for different skins for the app,  but I'd think it will be a low priority - there are plenty of other minor issues to clear up before we get to which font they use...

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1 minute ago, VLKirkpatrick said:

I was mostly venting my frustration. 

;)  That's pretty standard around here...  Item moved:  you might want to change the subject/ title a bit to something like "Allow users to choose layout options" or some such...

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Looking at it from the facts, I don’t expect any significant change to the GUI to happen. We are talking about „look & feel“, and forget that there is background action:

- use of standard design elements, maybe anchored in the underlying framework, used over and again

- interaction of visual elements and the code called up, especially when arguments are passed on or results displayed

- performance issues when always a „fork“ question needs to be answered before displaying a reaction to user input

My conclusion: You will need to accept the new design language - or if you can’t stand it, switch to a different app.

Personally I avoid Microsoft apps, because I can’t stand their boring ribbons and boxes. So I think I understand what you feel. Don’t feed false expectation of a redesign of the GUI - if it does not spark joy, it is up to you to live with it, or take a decision.

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