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Creating drawings within Evernote

Sam Subaru


It would be great to have an "insert drawing" functionality within Evernote. This would help draw out simple ideas. Right now, I have to use penultimate, take a screenshot and then insert an uneditable picture into Evernote which is a pain to say the least. 

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5 hours ago, Sam Subaru said:

it would be great to have an "insert drawing" functionality within Evernote.


On a MAC you can.....EN v 10. Blue +......Sketch. It that what you are looking for?

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On all clients Sketch is available, as an integral part of EN - not like Penultimate with an external app.

If you don’t see it, click / tap the blue + button, let the menu with options open and now scroll down. Sometimes (depending on screen size and resolution) the lower part of the menu is hidden, not showing the Sketch option on some configurations. But it is there, and by scrolling the menu down it is made visible.

Just a few hints: Sketch has not hand touch recognition, so be aware that if the hand is placed on a touch screen, the tools may be unresponsive. It has no line smoothening, which makes handwriting more shaky than with dedicated handwriting apps. But it is nice for a quick drawing, and is has the shapes tool that converts a brute set of lines into a perfect rectangle, triangle or circle. As of today no way to import a picture and draw on it, which is a requested feature.

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