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Got logged out of an account and find out my email adress got deleted



Hello guys,

Yesterday when I opened my Evernote app I found out the app logged me out, so when I tried to log in it said that my password got leaked and I need to change it. I went to change it, but I needed to open my email, I found out my password for the email didnt work and learned that my email got deleted (didnt know I used that email when I first created that email and I only used that email for couple of things now, the email was created when I was like 8-10 years old so I didnt know about it until now), so I cant change the password to my Evernote account, because the email with which it was originally created doesnt exist anymore.. I was using the app normally during the week.

Can anyone help me with my problem ? Or get my some kind of Evernote support email ? I tried to find some kind of support or contact/chat but it doesnt exist.. Or I need to pay for my account to get that kind of help..

Thanks in advance..

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I have actually been there, but in the bottom where it says "If you no longer have access to your account's email address" If i click on the "here" in the first step it doesnt open the menu from the further steps for me. It opens this support menu, but whatever option I open from those it only goes this far (If i select the account option, it doesnt even show me the second bar to choose from) and since I have only used the free subscription account I dont get the email or the chat function to help me 😕

However thanks a lot!

Have a great day!


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That was just as an example to show you that I dont got anywhere with whatever I choose. So if I choose "my account" nothing happens as you can see in the picture down. 

I did somehow got to the ticket under the billing and send them a message, hopefully they will help me out and I wont lose all the important notes I had there..

Thanks a lot!!


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