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Extra scrolling to improve ergonomics



On word processing software such as Microsoft Word, it's possible to scroll down past the lowest line. 

In Evernote this isn't possible without creating a bunch of empty lines. If I could scroll down further, this would allow the newest line (and the one I'm currently writing) to be closer to the top of my monitor. This would improve ergonomics as this is the area of the screen closest to eye-level, preventing neck and shoulder strain. 

Another work around is to shorten the window but this seems wasteful when a better solution is possible. 

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Word and other similar programs are an electronic equivalent of a typewriter: They fill a predefined „page“ with „ink“. When there are only a few lines filled already, a lot of page is still empty. Then you can go all the way down. But when the „page“ is nearly full, you can’t go further down,  since there is no new „page“ yet, it is the end of the document.

This just to correct your description of being „always“ able to go down beyond the existing text. No, you just can go as far as the „page“ stretches.

EN does not have „pages“ as a concept. You are at the end of the text, your are at the end of the note. And that is it, different concept, different behavior. An EN Note is practically a website, and it does behave as such. Try scrolling this forum „page“ beyond the footer text - you can’t, and it is the same with EN.

You don’t need a workaround - just place the app window on a comfortable level. BTW what you describe tells me that your monitor is not in the ergonomically correct position. If you have a problem with the lower parts of the screen, it probably is located too low for you. Furthermore it may be you should get yourself special glasses for working on a computer - I got some myself, and it was a big relief for my strained neck.

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