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(Archived) PDF opening in wrong app


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I have Evernote 2.0.1 installed on my Android (Samsung Captivate) and just installed the Doc Scanner trial. When I use Doc Scanner to share a PDF to Evernote, then try to open it in the Evernote Android app, it tries to open in Spread Sheet Pro. When I use EMail to transfer the same PDF to Evernote, it opens in Open Office (as it should). Both versions open correctly in Windows. Doc Scanner support suggested clearing the associations for both Evernote and Spread Sheet Pro, but neither had any associations.

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Hi, We have fixed couple of bugs related to mime type and we believe your particular issue must have been fixed in the following beta release.

We still have some time before we release this update in the Android market.

Let us know if it didnt work for you.

Hey folks -

We've got an update to Evernote for Android, v. 2.5 beta 2. This is an early update to the next major release of the Android client.

This version includes the beginning of our advanced search options and many stability and sync improvements.

If you're having sync problems with the current client, we recommend you try this version.

You can download the latest version at:


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