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No longer subscribing, or using Evernote.

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I'm fed up, disgusted, and GONE.

Every upgrade, for  years, has made Evernote more and more unusable, because it is no longer concerned with mere notes, but EVERYTHING ELSE. It has begun to to resemble Microsoft—a very bad thing. I could do everything I want to do with Evernote: run a business, work the stock market, paint a masterpiece, write the Great American (or any other country) Novel—just about anything a human could want to do … with the possible exception of *****, but I haven't looked into Evernote's abilities in that area …

In short, everything but just take notes. When Evernote came out, it was the best thing since tame electrons. Now, because it wants to be everything to every conceivable person, or maybe even species, it is useless for simply taking, keeping, and using notes. It's full of eye candy and features I don't need, or want, with more added nearly every month. This will not change, and I won't support it any more. Once I've transferred my notes to a more straightforward, UNPRETENTIOUS app, Evernote is gone. I hope the firewall smacks it good and hard on its way out. Maybe it will knock some sense into the developers, who have developed a monster. They must be Microsoft.

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In fact I don't care. Why ?

Because EN continues to serve my use cases, even getting better with the frequent releases, that are adding features. If it does not do this for you, then it is the wrong app, and you are doing the right thing to move on. There isn't the one big solution that fits all any longer - probably never was.

P.S. Not using Microsoft products myself, your comparison IMHO sucks.

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I wish you the best of luck finding a solution - really.

I don't disagree that Evernote has added a lot of new functionality over the years. It may seem as though their primary focus was lost, but it's not.

Companies must evolve to stay afloat, and unfortunately, that may come at the cost of users who abandon the product because it no longer suits their needs. That is fine. Some go, but more will always come.

I personally enjoy the eye-candy and updates; and even if it's not as fast as I would like it to be, I still stick to EN because it works best for me, and still remains to be the most useful application for my workflow.

Are there other products? Sure. Enjoy them. Evernote does not force its users to stay.

Also, if it were run by Micro$oft, I would have faced data loss in the first 5 hours of them running it. 😜

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