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Helpful edits to menus?



A small UI point w/r/t the “Move note to…” command. Most of the action of an alt-shift-M happens at the left-hand side of the pane, but then the Cancel and Move buttons are all the way at the right. While you're improving accessibility, would it make sense to move those buttons leftward?

Second small point, and this may be simply my poor understanding of the Web Clip function. When I'm aggregating articles, the Clip function doesn't always work and often gives me a second copy of the previous article (and yes, I'm careful to read the whole article into ram before I clip,) but the interface generally also offers a Copy option. If the three-dot menu included Paste from Clipboard, I could use Copy from the clipping menu and then Paste from the main menu. Alternatively, what am I not understanding? /panterazero

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