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Gmail extension not saving attachments

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I just tried using the gmail extension and it did not save the attachment associated with the email. Is this a bug or does the extension simply not save attachments? When I forward the email to evernote, the extensions do appear, so assuming it should work for the extension as well. Also, I remember there was a time when it prompted to include the entire thread or just the latest email in the thread, but don't see it now. Is that a feature that no longer exists or am I missing something?


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My recollection is that the Gmail extension has always been pretty limited, but the web clipper (which is a browser extension) allows for selecting which email(s) in a Gmail thread to save. The web clipper also saves attachments, but it has the very irritating limitation of saving the attachment in such a way that it can not be viewed in-line, and in fact can not be opened without downloading it first.

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By way of a quick test I just sent myself an Email to my Gmail account with a Word document attached.  I used the Gmail extension and the Email arrived inside an Evernote note with the document attached.  I was able to open the attachment from within the Windows desktop application and also from within the Evernote web browser interface.

For clarity I am running:

Windows 11
Evernote for Windows desktop: 10.32.4
Evernote for web browser: 10.32.4
Gmail Evernote extension: last updated 22 December 2021
Firefox: 97.0.2

That's all to say that the issue may be more complicated than a faulty Gmail extension.

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