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Can't login via Firefox on Windows

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When I try to login, after entering my credentials, I get a screen that says:

Check your email
Did you log in differently than you usually do?
For your security, we sent a link to your email that is valid for 30 minutes, to verify your account.
Need a new link? Resend Email
or visit Help & Learning

I used the same email and password I always use.  Also, I'm not getting an email.
I also can login just fine with biometrics in the Android app (haven't tried using the password recently).
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Hi.  Maybe try a different browser?  Download the installed app and log in there?  -and check your spam folder / when you are logged in check the email address you registered for that account.

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Hi.  I'd suggest raising this with both Evernote and Firefox support teams - 98.0.2 only came out a few days ago,  so it may just be a matter of Evernote catching up with changes,  but Firefox have been making their browser much more secure,  and maybe some of those changes will lock Evernote out unless they're prepared to think about exceptions.  Either way both providers need your experiences - meantime you could use the installed version of the Evernote app,  or try some of the alternatives a;ready suggested here...

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