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Thank you, thank you, thank you

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I am an Evernote user/customer since 2011.  I have stuck by Evernote through thick and thin although I have strayed now and then when I got discouraged.  I had a serious fling with Notion.  The redesign really helped – I primarily used Evernote on Windows.  A few weeks back I switched to a Mac and ugh, Evernote really sucked.  It looked like the new Evernote but was slow as molasses.  After some googling I found that it had not been optimized for Apple Silicon yet.  I strayed again, not knowing when relief would come.  I couldn't find anything I liked better so I crossed my fingers and hoped that an Apple Silicon version would be released soon.

I just installed 10.32.4 and glory hallelujah!  It is like greased lightening now.  Thank you to all the Evernote developers who made this happen.  I have a ton of investment in Evernote and truly didn't want to stray again.

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