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Thank You for the M1 Native App! It's a Game-Changer!

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I'm in love with Evernote all over again.  THANK YOU for doing such a great job on the M1 version.  It loads in just about 1-2 seconds now (instead of 15-20) and everything is snappy.  Sometimes, I don't even see the screen change.

I'm rediscovering things about Evernote I forgot about because they actually load now!

Thanks again!

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I was previously in the camp that the new Evernote v10 ran “fine“ on my M1 MacBook Air, and thought complaints about the lack of support were overblown (which they were) . However, after this update… wow. What was previously fine is now so quick. 

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@aukirkI know.  I had already started looking at alternatives, and started using a separate task manager.  Now with the speed and reintroducing myself to the global shortcuts--like I said--I'm literally blown away.  It's like a totally new program to me.  

Glad things are speedy for you, too.  What type of business or you in?  And/or what do you use EN for?

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