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Korean words keep deleting itself.

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Hi! I'm a Korean, and Evernote has been an important part of my life for like, I think more than 6 years now.

Recently, I've noticed a very annoying bug that led me here.

English words when typed, have no problem at all,

but when I type something in Korean, it "auto-deletes" every character at random pacing.


I don't know how and/or why this is happening, is this because I kicked some cans on the streets last week? 

Please tell me how to fix this, I could always write in English, but I need to keep certain notes in my mother language.


Have a nice day to anyone who gave their valuable time and effort, reading this outcry.


Best regards,


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Hi Pink Elephant,

My anger was channeled into some grade school worthy sarcasm that did not serve its purpose. I am a good person (hopefully and usually), I do not kick cans.

Thank you for the link to Korean subforum. However, it's sad that I'm a free user, and can't even use tech support.

I do plan to subscribe when I'm earning, and until then it seems i have to live with this deletion bug.

Have a nice day!

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