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Text box and link to note in a task, please



This has been touched on a little in the EN topic asking users how they would use calendar, but I think it's worth its own request.

Tasks are great, thank you.  Please add the ability to link to a separate, unique note from within each task.  Either as a simple text box that can handle X number of characters and we can place a link there, or as a separate item within the task.  

E.g. I want to have a single note that I can place many tasks in.  Some tasks need to link to the project note where the work is being done/accumulated/etc.  In my case, it's an implementation of GTD.  I know that the task links back to the note that it lives in, but I would like to be able to link to the relevent note within my "Projects" or "Delegated" notebook.


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You can paste a link to another note in the text of the task -- so you could just paste it at the end couldn't you? There is a discussion about that here: 

Unfortunately, the full URL shows instead of just the note title. Sounds like they are working on it.

Does that work for what you are wanting?


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Thanks for the thought.  The task title is important (I think) to be able to see.  I’ll try and use the link at the end of the title and see what it’s like.  It could be a temp work-around. Hoping for a link that doesn’t show the url, but will do what’s needed to get things done.  :)


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