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Emails not arriving in Evernote

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Hi.  Are you a subscriber?  Free users don't get email access.  Have you ever been able to receive emails into the account?  If so,  when was that,  and what has changed on your system since.  Finally,  are these emails being redirected automatically,  or sent manually?  And have you checked that they are being sent to the correct address?

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I'm having a similar issue. I'm a subscriber and my e-mail was working correctly. Today I've realized that some are missing. Looks like the problem is with comercial e-mails, maybe with html.

Any ideas how I can sove this? 



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Mail I have forwarded all make it to my account - independent from being Text or HTML formatted. Mails with HTML may appear with a web content box, but they appear.

If mails are not received, contact support. I had such an issue maybe 2 years ago. It seems they needed to whitelist something to make the mails arrive. It looked like a spam filter to me - there never was a feedback the mail was not forwarded This is typical for Spam filters that do not want to give a hint whether the mail address exists. A mailer demon with a mail failure usually sends an answer.

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