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update to 10.31.6

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This isn't being reported widely and I certainly do not have the issue.  I would try rebuilding your Evernote data.

File | Sign Out | Remove my Evernote Data from this device

Then sign back in and wait while your data is rebuilt from the servers.

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Sign out did not help, Uninstalling and installing 10.30 did not help. Re-installing 10.31 no success. 


I contacted support. 


In the meantime I had a look at keyboard shortcuts and succeeded with Alt-Ctrl-1

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I received information from support and quote it below44


Regarding your issue, if you just quit the Evernote desktop app, when you launch it again, the page will open to the last note that you're working on.
In addition, if you will sign out of your Evernote account and keep a back up, the desktop app will also start with the last note that you've accessed.
If you prefer to open Evernote's home page, please sign out of your account, select "Remove my Evernote data from this device", then log back in.
If you do not want to sign out of your account, you can also use the shortcut ALT + CTRL + 1 to open "Home", or before you closing the Evernote app, you can go to "Home" first so that when you launch it next time, it will open to the "Home" page.

with regard to the slow Evernote synchronizing, the advice   "Remove my Evernote data from this device" made me laugh

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