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Anyone got a profile/icons for a Stream Deck?

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I use Streamdeck. I used some generic icons which do the job but aren't really specific to Evernote. I have just a few buttons set up for actions I use regularly. I could probably remember the keyboard shortcuts but the buttons are just a bit easier.

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I've attached my Streamdeck profile and icons.  FWIW. All my key codes are for Windows.  Adapt for a Mac as necessary.

New note seems to work well enough: System Hotkey to trigger Ctrl+N

Delete Note was a bit fiddly. It depends where you have focus. If the note focus is in the note list then all you need is to tap the Delete key. If, though, you have focus in the note itself then you need to switch focus to the list and then tap delete.  Alt+Ctrl+\ followed by Del. I achieved that with a hotkey outside Streamdeck using AutoHotkey.  So Alt+Shift+/ does everything necessary.  I can use that from the keyboard or have it mapped to Streamdeck.

I haven't set Search on Steamdeck but it would be a System Hotkey to trigger Win+Shift+F

The Evernote keyboard shortcuts are your friends in doing this stuff - Ctrl+/











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