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How to delete note from trash?

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It seems the only one who can delete a note permanently from the trash is the account administrator from the admin console, I hope that's not the case and I just haven't figured out how. If that IS the case, that's ridiculous.

Not allowing a user to delete their own notes and saying it's "to prevent data loss" is absurd. 

Does anyone know if there's a way to permanently delete notes from the trash other than finding my company's administrator to do the deed for me? He doesn't even use Evernote, he just handles the credit card for apps like Evernote.

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Hi. Every Teams account has one or more users,  each one of whom has their own separate personal account.  Notes made in the Teams account are company business and -arguably quite properly- should not be permanently deleted by any employee on a whim.  Ordinary deletion defaults to the Trash notebook where the note is recoverable in case of need.  Notes made in a personal account are the individual's own business and can be deleted as required.

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The company pays you to produce these notes, and the result of your work belongs to the company. This includes all mishaps as well as your successful outcomes.

Nothing ridiculous about it - and if you believe you could easily and permanently delete anything stored on a normal company server, you are either working for a place with complete ignorants in the IT department, or (more likely) you yourself have never thought about what keeps these guys busy all day long.

If the admin of your Teams account would not control it, it is unlikely you guys could even work on such an account.

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That's a fair answer, I'll take that. It's just not the way our company uses Evernote, as I'm the primary user here (1 of 2 users who creates notes, the other 2 or 3 users read a read only version of my notes only - 100% of the notes in the trash are mine since no one else creates or can delete them).  

understand probably 99% of other business users are not this way. I also understand your point but there's nothing 'on a whim' about it, on a whim to me implies a casual carelessness which is not the case at all. But thanks for you reply anyway, it makes sense. 

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Fair enough, thank you.

If your admin is not setting up Business the way it should be done, it is not your fault. But it will simply not do for what it was created.

Probably what you achieve at the moment could be done with a Professional account as well, sharing some notebooks to Free users grouped around it.

What is lost is the chance to properly segment and protect business data. But obviously nobody cares anyhow.

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