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How Do I Attach a PDF in a Note to an Email?

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I often send emails with attachments. The attachments often come from files I keep in Evernote. With EN 6.x, I would simply drag and drop the file that is inside the EN note to my email. But with 10.x, I cannot do that anymore. It just creates some useless square graphic in the email. But the file is not there. So to get the file there, I have to open the file that is in the EN note, save it to my desktop, then drag it into the email I am composing.

That is an unreasonable number of steps. Clearly no one intended to remove the feature to drag-and-drop. So what am I missing?

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The drag and drop process remains broken on Windows. This is known and acknowledged. It has, I believe, been fixed for MacOS. 

We await a fix. Until then the easiest option is to drag to the desktop and then drag from there into Email.

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