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Evernote-Data in OneDrive Folder Error

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On every start of Evernote I get a message like this:

Evernote data is stored in a OneDrive Folder

(my english translation of this german text:

Die Evernote-Dateien wurden eventuell in einem OneDrive Ordner abgelegt.)

See attachement for the compete message.

I don't use OneDrive. The path points to my Documents folder.

How can I get rid of this error message?





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Moved to the correct Forum.

Please check Tools > Options > General and scroll to the bottom of the pop-up for the location of the Evernote database.  If that is C:\Users\<you>\Evernote,  then your data is stored in the correct place.  If it's anything else,  then Evernote must have been asked at some point to store the data somewhere other than in its own default location.  You could change back from here if you wish.

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