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Allow individual note window to float over applications



Float individual notes over other windows so that they stay visible regardless of which application is active.  This would be super helpful when on a video call, especially on MacOS.  This is what Apple added to their Note program and is also available on OneNote for Windows.

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It is standard with Zoom when Screen sharing happens: Zoom, and your whole screen is full. When you got rid of it, you notice that other Zoom windows hesitate to move to the background either.

Frankly: I hate it.

On MacOS a swipe on the Trackpad will show all windows, no matter how hidden they may be. No need to pin anything to the front.

Even better: By opening a note in a new window, you can move it to a new desktop. There you can arrange clutter free what you need to work on a certain task.

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I would go for this ability too. A couple of weeks ago I just started using a single Apple note when I want that ability. So I hover the mouse cursor into the bottom right corner of my Mac and that Apple note that is accessible from there floats on top of all other windows by default.

So then I can just copy and paste my Evernote content into the Apple note. So far, my need is just for temporary content with less text and I just manually type it into the Apple note, but I could surely make better use of it if Evernote had this ability.

I haven't looked on Windows for a while, but there used to be 3rd party apps that you could install to give that pin-to-top functionality to any open window. I haven't been able to find an equivalent third party app on Mac.

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