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Note Created, Content Lost

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Yesterday, I created a lengthy note memorializing a phone conversation. When completed, I set a reminder. Today I returned to the note and all of the content is gone. The title of the note is there and the reminder remains, but nothing in the body of the note.

I have been a longtime Evernote user and have never had content disappear before. Obviously, this is a very bad situation. Is there a bug causing this? Any way to recover the lost content?

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Hi.  You're posting in a forum thread for the 'old' version of the Windows client.  Are you still using that?  Also was your note typed in the installed client or the web version?  I know of no reason why the content of your note should have completely disappeared - I'd suggest you contact Support.


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Note history is running for all accounts, all of the time. Just the access is a subscribers feature.

Now you have 2 options:

  • Get a large mug of to-go from your favorite coffee shop, and recreate the note.
  • Invest the equivalent into one month of Personal subscription, and try note history 

There is no guarantee your text is there, but I would give it a chance. Access to support comes with it as well.

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