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Double billing on one account for few month (. Plus+ personal )

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Be sure to request a refund on the plan that you no longer require. If you only need Plus at the lower price then be sure to request the refund on Personal. Once the Plus plan has gone there is no way back and that lower price plan cannot be recovered.

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I just noticed I'm also being billed twice. The main problem I'm having with this now is that I can't even create a ticket. I clicked on the link (https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/requests/new) and it then goes to log me out of evernote. What's the deal with that? I've tried a few times.... same ordeal. Any help on this would be appreciated. 

Update: Correction, Paypal is just goofy with how it lists the invoices. It wasn't showing the year for the transactions, so it looked like I was billed twice. After clicking on the "Show History" option under "you and evernote corporation" in paypal, I can see the years. Paypal issue.

Still weird that I kept getting logged out of Evernote when I click on that link above. <shrug>


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