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Recurring tasks

Jan H


Please give users the ability to create recurring tasks. Uses:

  • Checklist of things to do each day
  • Weekly todos
  • Monthly todos

... and many variations of the above, though these would be a great starting point.

Without this ability, I'm forced to do things in a very inefficient way, e.g., create a daily checklist, then uncheck everything at the beginning of each day to start over. Unnecessary waste of time & very clunky!

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9 hours ago, Jan H said:

create a daily checklist, then uncheck everything at the beginning of each day to start over

Is it possible for you to create a template that has this daily checklist? Then at the end of the day (or beginning of the next day) you just archive your old note and create a new note from your template.

I use Things (Apple only) and it has recurring tasks, but I really don't like them as it keeps a copy of that completed task around forever and it clutters things up.

It will be interesting to see how Evernote implements recurring tasks when it comes out.

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To uncheck a complete checklist, just select it and remove the checklist format. Then while it is still selected, apply the checklist format again.

All boxes reset to „open“.

But I agree: It is better to use a template, or (for free users who can’t save own templates) set up a note, put it into shortcuts and duplicate it to start a new one.

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@Boot17 I use Things 3 as well, and for me recurring tasks are one of the many cool features.

Especially because there are 2 types of recurring: Fixed recurring, always on the same date or the x-th day of a month (for example). And recurring a fixed period of time after the last execution.

For example we have a water filter. The filter element needs to be replaced every 4 weeks. Say we did not manage, and replace after 5 weeks. Then it will automatically count 4 weeks from then.

Executed tasks are kept in Things, but usually they don’t show.

For me the main difference is that Things is focussed on Personal task management. There is no sharing of tasks with others.

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