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How to cancel all share

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This is not possible; you cannot bulk un-share items unless those items were a collection of notes shared via a Notebook.

I'm afraid you'll have to manually un-share each item.

You do pose an interesting scenario; a quick way to find all of your shares can be helpful. Should you want to request such feature that allows you to quickly un-share all items shared, go here.

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10 hours ago, Sylvio said:

a quick way to find all of your shares can be helpful

If you plan ahead,  it's wise to have a notebook for 'shared notes' and move any shares into that notebook (even if they're shared individually).  That keeps them separate from the rest and ensures you don't accidentally change or delete something which others are using.  To find all the notes,  there's a search term "sharedate:" which will find some or all shared notes - 

Search for sharedate:* to find all shared notes; modify with YYYYMMDD dates if necessary.

NB that hits are for all dates shared on or after a certain date. Limit a period with "<date> -<date>" to exclude notes shared on or after a date.

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Or add a „Shared“ tag whenever you share something. I prefer to share entire notebooks, but I agree this isn’t always an option.

With a tag (if continuously used and maintained) it is simple to find all shared notes.

Personally I would prefer a search parameters allowing to find shared notes without any additional measures.

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