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Highlight - simple feature request



To remove a highlight on text currently, the initial highlight color must be selected and clicked twice.   There's no "simple" option to remove a highlight from text.  The recommended feature is an X option to delete it more quickly (single step).  In some apps, the X is independent of the colors and on the same line.  In others, the X is over the color of the current highlight (see attached screen shot).  On IOS, there is a bar that indicates "None."  Perhaps this is just a feature missing on Mac OS.  Any of these options would work better over the current method on Mac OS.

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Screen Shot 2022-02-17 at 8.58.13 AM.png



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On windows CTRL+SHIFT+H adds and removes highlights. Just select the highlighted text and do the shortcut.

Mac probably has something similar... you can search for highlight in the shortcuts list.

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