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Quickly create links inside notes



Core to Evernote is the ability to create links to other notes ("Copy note link"). Currently, it takes too much time to find notes and 'copy' their links. User productivity in Evernote would be greatly enhanced if a quicker way to create links inside notes.

Suggestions for implementation:

- use a keyboard shortcut ala Quick Jump to insert a link when inside a note

- type a command to link to a Note (this could be similar to Notion's links: https://www.notion.so/help/create-links-and-backlinks)

See also this discussion: 


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I had the need for this a couple of times recently and thought I'd search it up in the forums again. I see that I had already upvoted and liked this post. This is one of my 15+ things that I hope Evernote implements (and I've commented and submitted through feedback, so I think I'm covered there).

Because Evernote seems to be focusing on turning Evernote into more of a productivity tool (because of Tasks, Calendar integration, etc) it seems hopeful to me that this feature is something that would be coming down the pike. One can hope.

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