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(Archived) Req:Create notes tagged automatically with the selected tag

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Hi, I would like to know if Evernote has a functionality to create notes based on the selected tag (in the tab section on the left column). If not I think it would be very usefull .

I'm missing this feature cause I'm constantly making notes of same tag categories and I tend to forgot assign the tag when I finish every note. So I've got lots of notes with missing tags... To overcome this I create notebooks for topics but it's not the way to go in my opinion.

It would go like this:

1 - Select the tag category in the left tag column

2 - Create a new note

3 - The new note would be automatically tagged with the current selected tag category

4 - Write or capture the text without worriying about missing tags


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For users with tons of tags, step #1 with multiple tags would be a bear.

I find F3 to be much easier and user friendly than wading through the huge list of tags and sub-tags.

By the way, for missing tags, I occasionally run a housekeeping search that looks for a specific term that does not have a specific tag.

  • notebook:Politics Obama -tag:"Obama"

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It would be ok for users like ME with lots of tags cause I think in them like file folders, not only like "tags".

For me this would be a great help. People with ADHD or similar tend to forguet small things like this, and evernote is a MUST HAVE for ADHD people.

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This is a good idea; I'm pretty sure it's been suggested before.

Whether it appeals probably depends on what kind of activity you do. For miscellaneous isolated clipping, it might be considered a pain. Not knowing in advance what tags will be needed, you really want to start with a blank slate each time. But for working within some kind of project context, you probably do know, and don't want to be shuffled to the top of the notebook & tag hierarchy every time you add a note.

So the ideal would be to have both available. Perhaps a simple toggle which un/locks the present context -- notebook + selected tags, which are then used for new notes and searches.

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