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How to delete the default notebook

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I would like to delete a notebook but it says that it is the default notebook and that therefore I cannot delete it. I dont know how come it is set as default notebook - I do not remember ever setting anything like that. Hence, I also dont know how to remove it in order to then delete it. As there is no proper evernote support, I hope this community can help. Many thanks in advance. 

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12 hours ago, TH7888 said:

I dont know how come it is set as default notebook - I do not remember ever setting anything like that

There has to be a default notebook. If you don't choose one then Evernote will make the choice for you. @gazumpedhas referred to changing the default. Once changed you can delete the notebook you wish to get rid of.

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Many thanks to both of you. I was not aware that "there has to be a default notebook and that evernote chooses it for you". That explains how that happened. I managed to change to another notebook as the default and delete the one that I wanted to delete, but realized that somehow not all the noteboooks had the option to make them the default even though they were created by me? Anyways, problem solved for now - many thanks! Appreciated!  

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many thanks, PinkElephant. I didnt even want to set any default notebook - I just wanted to delete one notebook that was set as default :) I was just not aware why and how it was set as default and why I was unable to delete it. Many thanks to the community and happy this worked so fast and so well to figure things out. 

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