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I'm still using the old EN because of the awkwardness of the menu bar pulldowns in the new EN. I like many of the features in the 10+ EN but the loss of the flexibility of the old EN pull down is a major problem for me. Three reasons

1. It doesn't work as well. In the old EN I can use the EN pulldown seamlessly to take notes during a zoom call, while I'm working on another project  and something comes to mind. etc. Save them to my EN Inbox. It was easy and excellent. I use it all the time.

2. In the new EN, the pulldown sends me to another screen, so it is distracting, especially during a zoom call or while I'm working on another project.  AND it titles the EN as 'QUICK NOTE' with the date in big bold caps, neither of which I need or want. UGLY I can't get rid of the title QUICK NOTE, so I have a bunch EN's called QUICK NOTE in my Inbox. EN already saves the date. 



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