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More flexibility on dashboard widgets!



I was excited that I upgraded to the paid plan for the dashboard but the widgets are just too small. Yes the widgets can be made wider but why not have an option of extending the height..... so at least up to double the current height would be good. Please consider adding this in the next update or at least let us know the difficulty of doing this if it's not possible. Thanks, I'm enjoying the app so far but after paying for it I would think the dashboard would have more flexibility by at least having the option to increase widget height. The calendar should have month view as well as day. I'm sure lots of others agree based on the forums I've been looking over today.

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I'm not sure any of us can answer your question. EN staff aren't here frequently. You can give direct feedback through the various applications.

I see you added a similar comment to an existing thread on the same topic.

In general I think duplicating threads is discouraged.

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