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Sub Notebook feature



So the idea is for workflow:

Stack > Notebook > Subnotebook > Subnotebook of subnotebook
Notebook equivalent below:
Section > Page > Subpage > Subpage of Subpage

I feel it is something that is missing as i come over from OneNote and messes with the previous workflow for myself and i could imagine a lot of other people coming from OneNote.


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Asked since ... - don't know, 2008 ?

Instead of creating yet another thread on the same stuff, search the forum and add your vote. 

Chances to be implemented ? Don't know, but probably zero. It would mean rebuilding the whole app, database, server programs and apps.

EN does NOT use notebooks as main organizing method. EN uses tags, and tags can be nested as deep as you want to nest them (makes not much sense, but that's another story). There is a lot of stuff from EN, and a lot more by 3rd party productivity guys about how to use tags, for example on YT.

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