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Bring back navigating to notebook view by drop down



Hi, I propose bringing back extremely useful feature which was view of list of notebooks in a drop down menu

The drop down used to show up after clicking on current notebook name in the Note List column

Alternatively have somewhere else recent/all notebooks 


In the latest version of desktop client, to achieve the same, I need to go to Search and type or go to Quick Jump and type

The Notebook list is not that handy, too low, in the left hand side menu



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1 hour ago, racuars said:

The Notebook list is not that handy, too low, in the left hand side menu

I was going to suggest the keyboard shortcut for opening the notebooks pane (alt+ctrl+4 on windows) except that doesn't seem to be working anymore!!

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37 minutes ago, racuars said:

yeah, it's a mess. 

On my mac the Cmd + J works sort of fine (quick jump)

I don't see that for Windows

Should be CTRL + Q for windows... you can remap the shortcuts to a more useful key if needed.

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On 2/15/2022 at 9:55 AM, Mike P said:

I've raised a support ticket for the alt+ctrl+4 shortcut not working.

Well i've been told by support that they cannot replicate the problem. I have updated to 10.31 and it still doesn't work. If I change the keybard shortcut it works. Perhaps it is a conflict with another shortcut on my machine (alt+ctrl+4 produces the € symbol if I type it here for example) . If I change to a US keyboard, rather tham UK, the problem goes away. Could somebody else using a UK keyboard confirm the problem. @agsteele if you have a moment to try it, that would be great.

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@MikeP For clarity... I am currently running

Evernote 10.31.6-win-ddl-public (3237)
Editor: v141.2.17692
Service: v1.48.3

Windows 11 with UK keyboard

Like everyone else I get the Euro symbol € when I type Alt+Ctrl+4  For amusement I remapped the command to Alt+Ctrl+F4 and that opens the Notebook list as expected.

I couldn't say what would happen if I switched to a US keyboard as I don't have it installed and would prefer not add it just now.



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Thanks @Jon/t and @agsteele. I've responded to support that it does seem to be a UK keyboard issue. I'm sure it worked in the past. I remapped mine to alt+4 which also works fine. I like the logic of alt+ctrl+1 to 5 opening the sequential sections of the sidebar - much easier to remember. I've remapped tham all to alt+1 to 5 (no ctrl) and so far so good.

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