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Disable 'copy to note' keyboard shortcut (Mac)

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The keyboard shortcut for this (ctrl + cmd + v) conflicts with one for MS Office

Is it possible to re-assign or turn it off? I don't see it listed in the menus, so not sure if it is possible to reassign in system preferences on the Mac

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Open the shortcuts menu (help menu, or the symbol at the bottom of the side panel).

Hover the mouse over the shortcut that annoys you. 3 dots appear to the left (!) of it. Click them, a menu opens, choose edit, change the shortcut, save. Not all are editable - ctrl-cmd-N can be modified.


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48 minutes ago, mattpuol said:

Did you say ctrl + cmd + n can be modified? Thats another one I'd like to remove but cant seem to edit it 

You on the latest version of the app? The latest lets me edit the CTRL+N shortcut. Keyboard icon bottom left then three dots left of the CTRL+N setting.

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