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Web Clipping from iPad to Evernote

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What is the best web clipping procedure to clip from web sites to Evernote when using an iPad? I often clip recipes from various web hosted blogs and websites. An app called EverClip used to do a good job, but the developer has abandoned the app., using the share sheet results in a note missing the images. My fallback is to clip a pdf using the print dialog. This works and is "ok", but does not produce a note that is as quick to open. Is there a better way?

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24 minutes ago, PinkElephant said:

No, a pdf from reader view provides the cleanest result.

For better results use a desktop and the real web clipper.

That's my conclusion to date. I'd like to see Evernote invest more development in the mobile platforms. Of course, I own an iMac, but find the iPad to be such a versatile and convenient platform when mobile or when I just don't feel like sitting in front of my desktop. 

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