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Notes are not loading and the app has become slower



Hello. I am not sure if this has been addressed in the Android version, but lately I have been unable to open some notes. I click on them and I get a loading icon that doesn't go away. It doesn't happen to all notes, and it is not related to the size of the note, as far as I am aware. See screenshot. 

Also, has the new update broken the app? The earlier versions of the 10.0+ version seemed faster than what I am currently experiencing for some reason. I have a very hard time navigating back and forth between notes due to the immense lag. 


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This happens.

You can Force stop the application and re-launch it. It will then load the affected notes (at least, it has worked for me).

I don't think the app is broken, it just needs a lot of performance improvements on Android; it's why I tend to use the web version on my Chromebook over the Android application.

If you are using Evernote Beta on Android, this could also be the problem; you will invariably run into bugs.

Last suggestion: re-trigger sync from Evernote > Settings > Sync.

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