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Add Tasks via IFTTT/Google Assistant



It would be great if it were possible to add tasks via IFTTT.  You can append "todo checkboxes" but those aren't tasks.

I use IFTTT to integrate my current todo list app with Google Assistant.  I like Evernote tasks better, but lack of Google Assistant integration via IFTTT is a dealbreaker for switching.

Really it doesn't have to be IFTTT, as long as I can say "New task BLAH" and it adds it to Evernote, but IFTTT seems like the easiest and most flexible way to do that since it can already almost do it.  :)

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I think they should work hard on this one, i really like the evernote tasks. But when im driving or doing something, I want tasks to go in evernote with voice control via google assistant, otherwise i will forgot what i have in my mind

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