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Merging Two Subscriptions: Please? I Already Paid For Them...

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I don't know how, but I ended up with two personal accounts fully paid up for the next year or so. I am hoping there is a way to combine the two accounts and add the remaining time on one account to the other account.

I have one account (Account #1) and the other account (Account #2). Account #1 is paid up until July of 2022, and Account #2 is paid up until September of 2022. Both accounts are under the same email domain (@chronicbuilt.com). Both accounts are mine. Because Account #1 uses my most regular email address, I would like to keep Account #1. I would like to cancel Account #2 and move the remaining months of credit to Account #1. It is really simple. And with all the technologies you use and have available, you can't do this one thing to make my life a little easier? It is a waste to have these two accounts. I don't even remember how it happened, but it did. You could make things easy on me and just add the months left from Account #2 to Account #1, and that would be the nice thing to do. I have been a member here for many many years. The only reason you wouldn't do this was to force me to pay more money to extend my account.

I was told by one customer support agent that I should just delete one of the account and chalk it up to that. Why? You could easily just cancel out Account #2 and then add the months remaining from Account #2 to my Account #1. I already paid you the money, why not let me use the time? With the higher prices, I thought it would be no problem to do something like this to make your customers happy. I really hope you do the right thing and let me use what i paid for under one account. I couldn't afford one subscription, but I paid for it anyways because it's helpful to  me. Return the favor. I am not asking for free months, I am just asking you to wipe one account and add its credits to my main account that I already paid for.

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These forums are primarily user-to-user so whilst we can sympathise we can only advise that you tackle this with the support team. I presume you raised a support ticket. Reopen it and make the points above direct to Evernote.

I see you managed to post this same item twice so I anticipate that one of the forum admins might be along to delete the double post.

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