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Merging Two Subscriptions: Please? I Already Paid For Them...

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I don't know how, but I ended up with two personal accounts fully paid up for the next year or so. I am hoping there is a way to combine the two accounts and add the remaining time on one account to the other account.

I have one account (Account #1) and the other account (Account #2). Account #1 is paid up until July of 2022, and Account #2 is paid up until September of 2022. Both accounts are under the same email domain (@chronicbuilt.com). Both accounts are mine. Because Account #1 uses my most regular email address, I would like to keep Account #1. I would like to cancel Account #2 and move the remaining months of credit to Account #1. It is really simple. And with all the technologies you use and have available, you can't do this one thing to make my life a little easier? It is a waste to have these two accounts. I don't even remember how it happened, but it did. You could make things easy on me and just add the months left from Account #2 to Account #1, and that would be the nice thing to do. I have been a member here for many many years. The only reason you wouldn't do this was to force me to pay more money to extend my account.

I was told by one customer support agent that I should just delete one of the account and chalk it up to that. Why? You could easily just cancel out Account #2 and then add the months remaining from Account #2 to my Account #1. I already paid you the money, why not let me use the time? With the higher prices, I thought it would be no problem to do something like this to make your customers happy. I really hope you do the right thing and let me use what i paid for under one account. I couldn't afford one subscription, but I paid for it anyways because it's helpful to  me. Return the favor. I am not asking for free months, I am just asking you to wipe one account and add its credits to my main account that I already paid for.

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5 hours ago, mrtank said:

I already paid you the money, why not let me use the time?

Hi.  You didn't pay us,  because the Forums are mainly run by users,  not Evernote employees.  Support are the people to talk to,  and it sounds like you already made some contact there.  Try explaining the situation again,  and -politely- ask for a supervisor to reconsider your request to merge the two accounts and the two subscriptions.  

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There are 2 levels of discussion here: How to merge 2 accounts, and how to get money refunded.

The technical side of merging is easy, and you do not need support to do it yourself. Just follow this instruction from the official EN help database, which is in the marvelous state to hold such information because people like you and me and others are duefully paying their subscriptions:


I have made it a habit to take a look there, because they really have a ton of useful information documented and permanently updated. They run a pretty impressive YT channel as well, with a lot of content.

The financial side may not be as simple. First it depends on how you subscribed. If it was through iTunes, PlayStore and the like, the subscription is managed there, and not by EN. In this case you need to talk to these guys at Apple, Google or wherever.

If you purchased it directly from EN, it makes sense to talk to support. When opening the ticket, choose „Billing“ as ticket type, Because the merging issue is solved (see above), you just need to talk the money talk. So talk to the money folks. Wish you luck - I would tell them I made a mistake, have lost a lot of sleep over it and ask for their help to get it corrected.

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