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How to get Evernote reminders into Apple reminders

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I am using Apple Reminders as my todo list. The reason for this because of The posability of repeating reminders.

I am looking into using Evernotes as my tool for Notes and specialfly for meeting notes where the reminder funktion is quite handy.

to only have onde place to look for todos I would like The todo from Evernote to be copied into The Apple Reminder. Has anyone done that?


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I must have tried EVERY option to make this work and the best one - which I use everyday is the integration between Evernote and Remember the Milk.(RTM)

RTM has two way integration with EN. Evernote reminders creates a reminder within RTM - if you change date in RTM the date is changed in EN and via versa.

RTM also has a note keeping system and allows for repeats so if you are going to a meeting at a certain time and date it will remind you and allow you to access a relevant note.

Chronofy is also an option which generates a DIARY entry from each EN reminder. This makes your diary somewhat messy.

Another option is to use EN only. The IOS app makes it very easy to track reminders and actually change them.

Two things that are VERY confusing……

Tasks are not integrated YET with any external systems so have to be managed within EN

If a reminder is created WITHIN a task - ie to remind you to DO a task it appears to be treated differently to the “normal” reminder and does not generate a “reminder” in RTM or a diary entry in Mac Calendar.

So options are

Use EN only and become familiar with the new Task and Reminders or

Use EN and RTM.

After curing and fuming re new evernote I actually think they are getting close to being a good product again which can be used on a daily basis.

Happy to hear of how (if??) others are managing EN/Reminders/calendar integration.

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  • Evernote Expert

My expectation is that the most likely way forward will be Evernote tasks becoming more/fully functional with recurring tasks, hidden or automatically removed completed tasks and the ability to sort tasks so that completed are moved the bottom of the note in which they sit. None of these are going to happen very soon (except possibly the recurring tasks which is promised).

Linking to other services will require an update to the API which I can't see happening soon.

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