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Keeping Your Contacts Up To Date...

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I used to see requests in the forums for a way to transfer contact details from Evernote to various contact management systems.  While it's easy to scan a business card in Evernote and trap individual details,  it seems less easy to keep and maintain a contact directory.  

Courtesy of Heather Wilde's Evernote Daily News I recently found this item - https://www.makeuseof.com/organize-online-contacts-for-networking-success/ which (amongst other things) mentions a third-party app https://connect.pobuca.com/ which -allegedly- will scan business cards / import existing contacts / maintain a central contact register across all (?) devices.

You may want to take a look.  In honesty I stopped at the point where I'm invited to provide my contact list to a third party - I haven't read up on their security yet but my spider sense got a bit itchy.  That's a task for another day.  I also don't know what developments Evernote plan for their expanding productivity features - a contact list may be coming anyway. 

But - this maybe something to look at if you plan on acquiring lots of new friends anytime soon.

Let us know here if you have any good or bad experiences with this.

EDIT:  There was a chat option on the web page,  so I asked about security and got - https://connect.pobuca.com/privacy-policy-and-security

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All that features … 5.0 AppStore evaluation … joining contacts left and right … for free, no in app purchases - wait a second, NO price tag ?!

My back is crawling, up and down. Why should I hand over my personal contact data to somebody who is a) rich & stupid, b) rich and a philanthropist, c) after my data. Pick the most likely alternative !

If you want a business card scanner, get one and pay a fair price for it. Or use the build in, rudimentary solution EN offers. No guarantees, but somebody who sells his service hopefully will not sell your data in addition. EN will not, this is assured.

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To be fair there is a paid-for level,  you get all the basics for free,  and the privacy and security pages looks legit - but some of my contacts would be very upset to find they're sharing their details with anyone else...  Darnit! Back to manual operations then - 

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