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Tags showing in Evernote app but not in evernote Browser

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I have been re-organizing my tags lately and suddenly I found out everything looks fine when I log in on the browser version, But if I log in on the app version it still shows some of the tags I have deleted. The tags that is show in the app I can not delete or rename or anything.

Anyone here seen this bug before and knows how to get rid of it?



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Hi.  When and on what device were you re-organising your tags;  how many tags did you change;  did you allow enough time for the changes to sync with the server;  and how soon were you looking on the web to find the changed data?  It will all likely sort itself out if you give it a little time and make sure you sync all your devices.

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I wanted to delete all of my tags and make a new system. I don't have many notes with tags. I have put all my notes  back in my inbox. I can't remember when or what device it was on when I deleted it. Properly in the browser version, but I am not sure.

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OK - I'd suggest you export all your notes as a single ENEX file (which doesn't support Notebook links anyway) and if you still aren't seeing the correct layout,  consider reinstalling that file to your account.  It will create a single 'imported notes' notebook which you could then designate as the default and delete the previous inbox.

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