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Issue with tables in notes.....

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I think there is a bug with the tables in Evernote. It's minor but is really irritating, the bottom border of every table I insert is missing. Is anyone else having this issue?

Also another question, is there anyway to set a specific height and width for tables or at least just make it static? So the content inside the table/cell fills up but past a certain is hidden unless you scroll down in the table. This would be a great way to condense information, rather than have the table become responsive to the content and the more content you add to a cell the bigger it gets. I want it to stay one size then let me scroll down inside the table/cell.


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Key words #Evernote, #EN, #Table #Grid #Border #Borderline #Font

I agree that the issue is on/off, pretty irritating.

My PC Version: 10.42.7-win-ddl-public (3561)

In the very beginning, it is good.


After inserting one more row, the problem shows up.


After changing the font, the problem is gone.


Open the note online, there is no such problem.


I am not sure if it is also with cell phone Apps, and other platforms.

I have tried a lot of "methods", but none works except increasing the font size.

Thanks those who have posted here before me.




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I haven't seen this, and I wonder if it is connected to specific display hardware, or to Windows display settings. If you're on a paid Evernote subscription, it would be good to open a support ticket (https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/requests/new), and give them information about your display hardware and settings, as well as the usual system and Evernote version info.

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8 hours ago, annijonn said:

Can you share more details about it, then it is easy for everyone to choose the other options. 

@annijonn, you have now posted about half a dozen replies like this asking for more details, when the details are perfectly clear. Please respond to this message to prove you are not a bot. Otherwise, get reported and 🚫.

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