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Keep getting forced out becuse of sync/revoke loop

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I'm a free plan user. From yesterday I started getting upgrade/revoke/sync loop errors. My ipad suddenly started to be listed twice as a device so I revoked one of them, but it didn't fix it. Tried again from my laptop (the other device on my free plan), which still showed three devices synced, two of which were the same iPad. Tried revoking one of them again, still the same. Now I'm out of revokes and locked out of Evernote, which I need to be able to use...

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Hi.  Sympathies with the situation,  but AFAIK the only two options are:

  1. Subscribe so the device limit goes away...  (and the 50% discount on Personal just came back);  or
  2. Start another free account - you'll need a different email address - and use that until your revoke block ends.
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  • Evernote Expert

You only need to subscribe for one month which will remove the device limits for that month. Then revoke ALL the devices that you have connected and thereafter only use the two that you intend to use when your paid month comes to an end.

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