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Issues with Google Calendar Integration on Google Workspace account

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I have two Google calendars—a business and a personal. Linking the personal one works fine. The business one connects its secondary calendars but not the primary calendar for that account. When I click to "choose calendars," the main primary calendar for the business account is not listed (and yet it's the most important for meeting notes, etc.).

I have been digging into the share settings for Google calendar and not seeing anything. As the admin for our Google Workspace, I have verified that I have enabled the "share all information" setting within the "external sharing options for primary calendars." 


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FWIW, I got it working. Let's hope it's permanent. Apparently toggling the calendar sharing feature on my Google admin between external sharing options worked (after waiting a few minutes). Weeks of trying to figure it out and I get it fixed when I ask a question on the forums. Go figure.

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