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Add a context to a task with tags

Marcin Jak


I really like that I can embed tasks into the notes. It allows me to create project or meeting notes where task sits next to the piece of information it needs to be executed. What I am missing though is to be able to attach tags to the tasks and by that to provide them a proper context, e.g. @OFFICE or @COMPUTER. Such than in a task drawer I could filter a view of tasks with a specific tag. Let’s say I have a number of tasks @OFFICE, while at the office I pull them out and see what tasks can I work on. At the moment I made a workaround- I have created a note named @OFFICE, where I copy all the tasks wich should be taken care of while I am at the office, each task has also link to an original note it comes from. If the tasks could have assigned tags to them, it would be much faster and would be less prone to human mistakes. 

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A task is always nested in a note.

EN said they consider adding tags to tasks. Until then, tagging the note to find the task is the way to go.

It does not cover every possibility, so it probably is in the category „better than nothing“.

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