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Settable font size?

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I have low vision. If I make a short note, I simply use header case, and it really helped when you extended header length to 1000 characters. But, if I have to go down into the body which I do for about 2/3 of my notes, the font reverts to 16 points and the best size for me is 24. In Evernote Legacy, which I was using for a while, most font sizes were settable; it would be a tremendous help if the current Evernote app had settable font size as well. Thx/KC (panterazero)

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Can't set the font size but you can type notes in a larger size if needed.

Use Medium Text from for formatting bar which will give you size 24.

You can also type ## and space before starting a paragraph to increase the size the medium (24).

Zoom also works CTRL +/- to zoom in and out.

Not perfect solutions but might help.

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It's not possible to set a global font size, unfortunately. You can set font sizes per note and per "block" / paragraph, but that's about as far as my knowledge goes.


I know that the former iteration of the Android application had "scale note body size" or something of the sort, but that has since been removed with the re-design.


Your best bet would be to request this feature here: Product Feedback/Feature Requests.


As someone who has trouble with his vision, I tend to set my note font sizes between 20-24. While a global font size may be of use, I personally prefer manually setting them per-note. This way, I have control over what aspects of my notes are sized the way they are.

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