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25 minutes ago, sahlsmith said:

and possesses the default tags.

This has been discussed before. Opinion was divided about the default notebook. The work around for tags is to include a comma separated list of tags in the template. If you copy and paste these into the tag area at the bottom of the note EN will parse these into the individual tags.

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37 minutes ago, sahlsmith said:

I would like to assign a default notebook and tag(s) to each of my story templates

Personally I am not a great fan of EN's template system mainly because they have the arrogance to believe that their generic templates are much more important than my lovingly hand crafted efforts!

An alternative workflow is to put your "templates" (ie outline notes) in the folder you want with the appropriate tags. You can even add a template tag if you want to be able to find all your templates wherever you have put them. If you right click and duplicate one of these "template notes" both the notebook and tags are preserved.


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I too have a workaround that involves saving the Template as a Note, adding the Notebook and Tags, creating a Shortcut to the Note, and duplicating the Note to create new Note containing the template format.

This workaround accomplishes the job, but defeats the purpose of templates.

My user story was intended to help the Evernote product owners continue their remarkable progress towards building an intuitive and user friendly application.

Workarounds are fine, but they should be a signal to product owners that an enhancement needs to be considered.

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