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How Do I Backdate A Note (Evernote Web)? Current Evernote Web Doesn't Go Back Before 2014

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Currently, I'm importing some notes I took back in 2007. On Evernote Web, 2014 is as far as it'd let me backdate it.

Is there another way I can accomplish this? I only have a Chromebook and an Android, but from what I'm seeing, neither let me backdate before 2014.

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Hi.  I've written something on this in the forums before.  I basically disagree with changing the created date or the updated date of notes because they're system-assigned variables that require quite a bit of clicking and tapping (if you're doing the operation frequently) to change;  you almost certainly won't be able to do it consistently on all notes,  and you can't (yet) script anything to help across all versions.

I use an international standard date as a prefix to my note title in YYYYMMDD format because when I sort any search results in title order, that provides an accurate timeline.  I can even have some assistance from Filterize,  which is an app that can recognise various date formats in the body of notes,  and - if necessary - add title prefixes automatically.  Filterize is an online service that is still compatible with Evernote's servers so should continue to be available through further generations of the app. 

I also have notes going back a long way - the earliest document is in the 1700's (I do genealogy) - but have no trouble with dates.  I use several versions of Evernote but haven't found any issues yet...

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