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Change inline code formatting to match code blocks



The visual representation of inline code looks awful.  The text appears too large and out of place compared with both the 'Normal Text' and 'Code Block' formatting.  This subsequently causes the surrounding borders to overlap when using inline code on 2 or more consecutive lines.

Please change the inline code CSS formatting to match the code block formatted styles, including font-size, font-family, and background-color.  The attached screenshot illustrates how much more presentable this would look.


2022-02-03 19_22_26-Notes - Evernote.png

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It's been over a year, that overlap and large font size is still happening. The inline code does not even match the code block text. By now, is there any workaround, a way to edit this format in evernote, by any chance?

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No, code block is a preset formatting, and that’s it for the time being.

It is a container holding the code, with a set of formatting. You see this because it is not created through the formatting menus („text style: Code block“). No, it is inserted from the blue + menu, which means it is a container type. These can’t be edited.

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